Examples of UX Research Methods in My Work


Eye-tracking & Decision-making

Process: I built a computer program and experimental paradigm that asks participants to make a series of choices on a decision-making task. I use a Tobii eye-tracker to determine where participants are looking as they interact with the computer program. I then create data visualizations and computational models of the resulting data to make inferences about the cognitive processes, goals, and motivations underlying their choices.

Outcomes: This project is in the data-collection phase until mid-December.

Gaussian Walk GIF.gif

Usability Testing & In-depth Interviewing

Process: I built an interactive, instructional computer program, then conducted usability testing and in-depth interviewing. This informed further design iterations to ensure that the program provided an intuitive experience that instilled statistical literacy and confidence.

Outcomes: The tutorial is live and currently employed in an ongoing study of environmental effects on decision making.


Surveys & Multivariate Statistics

Process: I collaborated with stakeholders, geneticists, and social scientists to create an online experimental survey (Qualtrics) that studied parental attitudes about genetic tests. I used multivariate statistical methods to analyze survey data (n ~ 1,300) and identify attitudinal differences between demographic sub-groups.

Outcomes: The survey results informed the addition of risk education and numeracy sections in a digital patient-provider communication tool.

See published manuscript